Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Ashley HarrisonAshley Harrison
Passed, no minors!
I did my first lot of driving lessons when I was 18, I did over 30 hours and learned nothing.. I was doing the same route over and over again and looking back on it now I was just waisting money, And being taken advantage of. I’m now 27 and got the courage to start something I always wanted to do. Jason was so calm and reassuring. I suffer with anxiety, and ptsd and I found a friendship with him! He helped me build the confidence and has given me the best gift in life… to be free! To be able to go where I want to when ever I want to. I have a son who has additional needs and I’m now able to go to appointments and not panic about buses and routes! Jason is without a doubt the best instructor I could’ve asked for and he really will be your number one supporter! I passed my test with no minors I was so nervous and thought I’d fail but he believed in me! And sometimes in life you need to take the risk and believe in yourself and others around you! Thank you Jason, for everything you have done in the past 3 months! I would recommend Jason to anyone and everyone! Kind regards, Ashleigh Harrison